Take the Pain out of Planning!

Streamline your Event Planning!

You can now manage all the details of your event in the same place, right here on Vennplan. Registered users can create and manage events one active event for free!

You Run The Show!

Organizing birthdays, conferences, and weddings are no joke! Coordinating guests, seating arrangements, and just communicating with everyone can quickly have you feeling like the event is running you instead of vice versa. Our Event Planner puts you in the driver’s seat of your event!

Create An Event

Registered users can choose from one of our subscription plans, or create one active event for free! Simply select the Event Planner tool to create an event, be it a corporate event or private milestone celebration!

Communicate With Guests!

The Event Planner feature allows seamless communication with your guests. Not only can you use the Event Planner to set a guest list, you can display seating arrangements, wish lists, and use the messaging feature to get across other necessary information and announcements guests should know about your event!